Have you ever found yourself wondering why your armpits sweat too much? Sweating is a common response to anxiety or excessive heat. You can expect a sweaty mess when you exercise.

What? You are talking about underarm sweating occurring when your body is at rest or you are simply sitting on your office chair.

It is merely a symptom of hyperhidrosis, a sort of excessive sweat unrelated to heat or stress. People who have this issue frequently wick water through their clothing. Some individuals just feel embarrassed and their social anxiety rises as a result of hyperhidrosis.

Now, let us talk about the types of hyperhidrosis, signs of excessive underarm sweating, and what treatments are recommended by specialized dermatologists.

Types of Hyperhidrosis

Usually, there are two types of hyperhidrosis. One is Primary focal hyperhidrosis and the other is secondary generalized.

  • Primary focal: The majority of the time, it affects healthy individuals, often in the body's soles, palms, and underarms. The explanation is that there are many sweat glands in these spots.
  • Secondary Generalized: It is a less frequent form of neurologic illness. Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis can be caused by issues like depression and the drugs used to treat it. Diabetes, obesity, thyroid, and other diseases can increase the likelihood of this type of sweating.

Let's discuss the ways that claim the excessive sweating you are experiencing is a symptom of hyperhidrosis.

What are the Indications of Excessive Underarm Sweating?

Armpit Sweat Wets Clothes in Excess

Axillary hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive underarm sweating. By looking at how you're dressed, it's simple to tell if your armpits are sweaty. When you are afraid of wearing light-colored or bright clothes concerning these would discolor from underarm perspiration, it is clear that you are sweating excessively.

Most people, particularly men, are ashamed of their hyperhidrosis and bring suit jackets everywhere they go to prevent people from noticing their sweaty armpits.

Deodorants Are Ineffective in Preventing Armpit Sweat

Connect with your doctor about why you experience excessive underarm sweating. However, the answers that you will get are quite common. Deodorants are frequently used by people to prevent sweating and odor under their arms. But occasionally they don't function. Even sometimes, high aluminum chloride antiperspirants are ineffective. These are all hyperhidrosis symptoms. In these circumstances, the experts would advise several underarm sweating treatments such as miraDry, Botox, etc.

Feets Dripping in Sweaty Shoes Because of Hyperhidrosis

Some people who sweat profusely under their arms may also have plantar hyperhidrosis. This term is used for excessive sweating in feet soles. Whenever your feet sweat too much, your shoes become too sloppy, leaving it difficult to move even one step forward.

Additionally, the stink makes you feel embarrassed about taking off your shoes and socks in public areas like shoe stores, gyms, and more. You may have surpassed the limit of shoes and sandals in your closet because you can not walk barefoot everywhere and your feet perspire excessively.

Types of Underarm Sweat Treatment


miraDry is an FDA-approved treatment that accompanies the electromagnetic energy to target and eliminates the underarm sweat glands. It is recommended by dermatologists to patients who experience excessive underarm sweating. The reason is its cost-efficiency and less invasive benefit than any other treatment type.

Additionally, as the anesthetic has developed, miraDry has become more efficient with better results. In the treated area, however, one can expect common adverse effects such as swelling, tingling, and numbness. However, pre-and post-treatment care can lessen the likelihood of these side effects.

Its benefits include:

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Quick and permanent results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Reduced odor

Botox Injections

The dermatologists suggest to patients Botox injections as an underarm sweat treatment. It temporarily blocks the signals that trigger the glands to sweat. Undergoing this treatment requires repeat sessions for better outcomes and relief. Also, the effects last long for up to six months.

Body parts like the cheeks, feet, and palms can also be treated with botox.

Other Surgical Procedures

In addition to all of this, there are several other surgical techniques that either destroy or make the underarm sweat glands ineffective. Curettage is one option and another one is liposuction.

Also, excision is one alternative. It is the treatment that entirely removes the underarm tissues. However, the experts do not recommend it because of its extreme side effects.

Remember that the cost-effectiveness of the procedure relies on the surgery type you choose and the underarm area size to be treated.

Additional Lifestyle Changes to Control Armpit Sweat

User antiperspirant

Have you ever used deodorant? You must know that using the deodorant alone can not be effective in preventing sweat. Here, using the antiperspirant that is aluminum-based comes into the effect.

Shave Regularly

Hair removal seems a pain for all, especially men. But it is essential to keep all your sweat problems at bay. Excessive armpit hair can add to odor and sweating. So, shaving is necessary to eliminate the chances of both smell and excessive water wicking through the underarms.

Absorbent Pads are Helpful

Using absorbent pads helps keep the sweat under control and clothes safe from stains.

Try Antibacterial Wash

Using an antibacterial wash can also be the key to keeping your armpits odor and sweat-free. It usually contributes to killing the cause behind the problem resulting in an underarm smell. Try using the natural and the one recommended by specialized doctors.

Summing Up

We all sweat and most of us may also have experienced the moment with too much sweating. However, if the perspiration is in excess, you need to look for solutions for immediate relief.

Remember that sweating too much is not that concerning. However, it could be a sign of serious issues in most cases. In such a scenario, all the treatment discussed above comes into help. In addition, you can better consult a doctor if underarm sweating is impacting your day-to-day living.

They can better help you determine the causes of excessive sweating and tips to treat it. But do ensure you get in touch with the certified and licensed dermatologists for the best and most effective solution possible.